1901 Central Avenue
Alameda, California

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The blueprints on display are titled "House for Mr. Fred Staude" and dated April 21, 1910. That was shortly after architect Julia Morgan went completely on her own. From mid-1906, Ira Hoover had been her junior partner. If you look closely at the legend on the blueprints, you can see where the pre-printed ‘Morgan and Hoover’ was scratched out, and Julia Morgan was added. In the legend, you can also see the initials WTS. This was Walter T. Steilberg, a recent UC Berkeley graduate, who went on to a famous architectural career of his own.

Note the tennis court in the lower, left hand corner of drawing 1. That half of the lot was sold off in 1965. The doodles on the blue prints are in Julia Morgan's own hand.


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